About us

KLIMA Company is manufacturing specializted products for fly fishermen. Among wide range of products you can find patented weighted fly fishing hoooks, many fly tying material, floatants, fly tying gools, flies etc. The company was establish in 1993 by Jiri Klima, the long term member of the Czech fly fishing squad.

Jiri Klima was born in 1959 in Kosice (Slovakia). Jiri has started with compeat in 1968 he competed in spinning, coarse fishing and later in fly fishing. In 1988, he won the competition of the best fly tyier of Czechoslovakia , he won many medals and titles in fishing competitions and he was a member of the Czechoslovak fly fishing squad for 5 years. Jiri is fly fishing since 1973 and since 1993 he is the captain of the Czech national fly fishing squad. Under his coaching the Czech team won four times team gold medal in World Fly Fishing Championships, three times individual gold medal and many silver and bronze medals from World and Euroean Championships.

Jiri Uses his experience from the top fly fishing competitions during the product development. Products of his company are unigue and matchless. The effectiveness of Klima's fly tying materials and other products is proven by many fly fishermen. In 1999 Jiri Klima patented the range of weighted hooks that are introduced in his catalogue.

(CZ patent by Jiří Klíma No 290130.)
Hooks with a drop compact weight, perfectly imitate all dun stages from larva to hatching insect. The hooks with compact drops are a small revolution for tying of very efficient weighted flies. They sink very fast; even in she case of the smallest insect imitations.